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Why we humm
Humm is more than word.
It´s even more than a sound.
Humm is a vibration.
Humm is the sound of happiness.
Humm is music.
Humm is the rhythm of the universe.

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Welcome to humm kombucha
Meet our family
Since starting in Michelle’s kitchen, our “family” has become a team of energetic and creative mountain bikers, yoga instructors, equestrians, community volunteers, music lovers, runners, parents and friends—who also happen to be exceptional at brewing, packaging, sales, finance and greeting you in our tasting room (the first of its kind in the country).

When you’re in Bend, drop in, meet the humm-sters and fill a growler. Our tasting room is as alive as our kombucha—we take the energy you bring to us and send it back out to the world.
  • Michelle Mitchell

  • Jamie Danek

Our family has been brewing kombucha for over 20 years; a tradition passed down from a mother to a son, from that son to his wife, from that wife to her best friend. Jamie and Michelle set out to make the tastiest kombucha ever, to offer it in bulk to minimize environmental impact, and to make it affordable to everyone. From the early days of brewing in the kitchen and delivering gallon jugs door-to-door, to our newest automated brewery and now one of the largest producers of draft kombucha in the US, they have stayed true to that promise. They believe it is their calling to care for their community and spread health, love and joy to all things they touch. We hope you can feel it too.
Love, Michelle and Jamie
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